A Performance Venue in SoDo Seattle

The Slate has gone through some exciting renovations! Interested in Renting The Slate For Your Rehearsal or Performance? Check Current Availability below


 Performance/Event Rentals

The Slate is available for rent for performances/events a week at a time: Monday -> Sunday and is ADA Compliant

Some quick specs to start you thinking :

  • The Full Space is 42’ 10” W x 39’ 9” L   Square Footage: 1488sf (this is completely empty, but seating units and the booth are movable) 
  • Depending upon configuration the space seats 40-60 comfortably (along with chairs provided) 
  • We have a very flexible lighting rig and 20+ instruments.
  • We have a full sound system with movable speakers and a 12 channel sound board.
  • We supply a wine/beer bar and someone to staff it at every performance.
  • We have a dressing room with fixed dressing tables (which seat 2-3 actors comfortably each), 8 mirrors, Z-Rack for your costumes, water cooler (stocked at all times), refrigerator, microwave, and 2 couches where you can chillax.

We have flexible pricing & we will do our best to make your show happen.

If you use our rep configuration/plot, are open to auxiliary programming, and bring your own tech people we’re one of the best deals in town!  Click here for our pricing.

Click Here for our Rental Inventory and Click Here for our Floor Plan.

If you are interested in renting The Slate for your Performance or Event, fill out the form below

Slate Theatre Performance Rentals

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Rehearsal Rentals

The Slate is available for Rehearsal/Class Rentals beginning in January 2018. 

If you are interested in renting The Slate for your rehearsal or class fill out the form below.

Rental prices are $10 an hour. A $5 fee will be added for any rental charging a fee to attend

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