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Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

A brand new play by Michael C. Robinson, Partly Cloudy is a funny play about a sad person.

After an on-air slip of the tongue, Jenny Bluestone becomes an online sensation, but for all the wrong reasons. But just how ARE you supposed to stay smiling when you're a weather reporter in Seattle? Some of her team rallies around, some of them pile on, but everyone has an opinion and when you're on live TV, there are no second takes. 

A workplace comedy wrapped around a mental health drama, or vice versa, Partly Cloudy addresses some real, serious truths in a clever original way. 

Written by Michael C. Robinson
Directed by Beau M. K. Prichard
Stage managed by Barbara Cawley

Varsha Raghavan as Jenny


Jenifer Gillis Rifenberry
Ronnie Allen
Tiana Ross
Jana Rae Blumberg
Greg Kevin Delaney

Later Event: April 9
Blood & Beer