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Don't Split The Party

Transparent Storytelling Group Presents

Don't Split The Party

by Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey

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Don't Split the Party introduces us to Rick and his college D&D buddies. They haven't spoken in three months and Rick is determined to fix that - by locking everyone in his basement apartment and rekindling their broken relationships over a game of - what else? - Dungeons and Dragons.

Don’t Split the Party was born from playwright Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey’s love for the gaming community and a desire to see it grow as an inclusive space. The love of gathering around the gaming table crosses gender and racial boundaries, yet issues of bias still exist in the gaming world and beyond. That’s why this fun and nerdy comedy tackles issues of language, inclusion, privilege, and communication within a group of friends, illuminating the human cost of exclusion and creating opportunities for empathy and growth.

This show runs approximately two hours.

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Simone Alene - Andrea
Ian Bond - Steve
Annelih GH Hamilton - Kell
Joshua Hamilton - Brad
Amanda Keogh - Carrie
Brad Walker - Rick

Creative Team:

Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey - Director, Playwright
Caitlin McCown - Scenic Designer
Jocelyne Fowler - Costume Designer
Kristi Matthews - Lighting Designer
Stefanie M. Senior - Sound Designer
Matthew Ray - Properties Designer

Andrew Davies - Assistant Director
Martin Sisk - Stage Manager
Courtney Kessler-Jeffrey - Production Manager


Later Event: January 12
Don't Split The Party